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The majority of content in this journal will come from my primary site.

I've been making things from whatever I could get my hands on for my entire life, but I can lay the blame for the wire art and jewelry on two specific causes:

1 - I wanted to test out an idea I had for an ear cuff design. And make a matching necklace.
2 - I have a weakness for pretty polished stones, and needed to learn how to turn them into jewelry. Yes, "needed." Otherwise they'd just lie around sadly in a box.

One idea lead to another, as they so often do, and the need to make a few specific items has turned into an engrossing artistic pursuit. The mechanical challenge of figuring out how to create the shapes I want, and keep them in place, is half the fun.

My inspirations come from the natural world (leaves, galaxies, teeth, etc.), the invented worlds of many authors, and the beautiful wire art and jewelry made by many others.

I work primarily with brass and stainless steel, because neither costs much, the steel stays shiny, and I like how brass looks even as it ages. I have an incurable love for shiny new stone and glass beads, as well as interesting found objects. The more weathered, the better! (I have a bag of glass beads labeled "beads that got somewhat banged up in a shipwreck" that are biding their time for the perfect project.)

I have a bachelor's degree in math and a master's in architecture. One of these has helped my creative process much more than the other.
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